Most organizations are either migrating or planning to migrate
to Microsoft Teams, but they usually have invested in high
quality videoconferencing system that would be useless now.
With LiveConf Gateway service you can connect all your
videoconferencing devices independently of the brand your are
using in a very secure and easy way.

Main fuctions and advantages:
  • Best Gateway as a service
  • One-button-to-push on Cisco/Polycom
  • Very intuitive user experience, use Teams
    or Outlook to invite videoconferencing
    system and external guests
  • Guests can connect with Webrtc directly
    on their web browser (Safari, Chrome,
  • Up to Full HD quality (1080p)
  • Secured in Teams lobby for guest and
    external videoconference units,
    corporate ones can bypass lobby.
  • Microsoft certified for Teams solution
Key Features:
  • Native VTC network resiliency
  • Bi-directional content sharing between VTCs and Microsoft Teams via Video Based Screen Sharing (VbSS)
  • Native scheduling via Outlook and Microsoft Teams client
  • No need for Click to Run version (C2R) of Office 2016
  • One-Button-to-Push for Cisco and Polycom
  • Automatic call-out for other brands
  • Based on well known pexip technology
LiveConf LLC the best interoperability platform for Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Hangouts.

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