Video Concierge

Why using video concierge service by Liveconf ?

You have your own VPN, you are equipped with video conferencing systems and you want to develop the use easily by offering your users a quality support?

The Nevicom SA outsourcing service allows you to free your staff from direct exploitation and Simply secure your investment!

Our mains advantages

  • Full management of your facilities, supervision of equipment in support of users.
  • No need of a team dedicated to managing your infrastructure and terminals
  • Transparency of your infrastructure management costs.
  • Services available from 08:30 to 18:30 from Monday to Friday (extended hours optional).
  • Securing your installations and compliance with your security policies.
Refer your entire video conference management solution to an outsourcing expert.

…for maximum security and minimum dedicated resources.

Operation and administration of your video systems

  • Securing equipment and infrastructure
  • Setup and configuration of the equipment
  • Programming, launch and supervision of video conferences
  • Management of malfunctions and incident response coordination, Maintenance

Securing your equipment and infrastructure

  • Management of your remote infrastructure through a secure IP connection
  • Respect your security standards
  • Backup your data and preferences: no loss of information in case of incident
  • Pro-active management of equipment to detect any technical incident

Users support and management of your conference via a dedicated hotline

  • Hotline available from 8:30 to 18:30 Monday to Friday (additional tracks optional)
  • Multilingual support (French, German, English, Spanish …)
  • Testing of new equipment for optimized compatibility
  • User support with remote control socket for quick handling of incidents

A great solution to meet your requirements

  • Booking your conference by phone, email or going to our booking portal.
  • Production of monthly statistical reports on the activities, traffic and incidents by terminal and / or by videoconference room
  • Possibility of video conferencing with Nevicom operator to monitor the quality of service andchange management
  • Ability to record your conferences live streaming VoD streams or CMS, social networks, web portals, etc … with view rights
  • Extension facilitated your infrastructure
  • Supervision of incidents networks via a metrology server
  • Possibility to extend the operating hours at the request